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At Custom Remodeling By Lee, we are your premier destination for custom-built garages. With a focus on building custom detached garages, we understand the unique needs of homeowners, especially those in HOA developments. Homeowners in all price range homes seek versatile spaces within their properties.

Keeping HOA guidelines in mind

Homeowner Associations often mandate that garages adhere to strict aesthetic guidelines, necessitating that the garage's design harmoniously matches the architectural style and appearance of the main house. Our expert team is superior at custom garage construction that meets HOA requirements and blends seamlessly with your home.

Our custom-built garages are tailored to you

With so many reasons to build a detached garage or home addition for your garage, you need a home builder who’s capable and experienced. Our custom garages go beyond mere storage spaces. From workout rooms and studios to musical and art studios, we construct quality-built garages perfect for your lifestyle.

Custom Garage

Stand alone garage for RV enthusiasts

For those with a love for recreational vehicles, we can build detached garages large enough to accommodate RVs. Whether you're an avid traveler or need extra space for your vehicle, our detached garage builders ensure that your detached garage not only complements your home but also provides ample room for your cherished possessions.

Two-story garages

Maximize your property's potential with our two-story garages, a perfect solution when lot space is limited. When you can’t build out, build up. These garages offer an additional level of versatility, allowing you to create distinct functional zones like a workspace, office, or extra storage. Imagine an office on the second floor of your garage perfect for a remote work environment.

Need a garage modification?

Already have a garage but need a facelift or expansion? Our remodeling contractors can bring your garage into the present with new walls, insulation, paint, lighting, custom garage door installation, and expansion if needed. While you may have multiple reasons for a garage modification, let’s begin with a free design consultation.

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